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launchcircle is a software development service where a Product Manager with project related domain expertise leads a team of top contract engineering and design talent to help build your applications, from web to mobile to AI, and more. Our Engineers, PMs, and Designers come from some of the best institutions including Stanford, Harvard, Google, and McKinsey, and have worked on hundreds of projects.

Do you have a great idea for an app, website, or algorithm that you'd like help building? If so, then yes!

We outline our process in detail here


launchcircle has a diverse network of experts providing everything from security services to mobile development to innovation consulting. If its a digital product, we can probably help you out.


Different projects have different requirements. By filling out a simple form under "Get a quote", we can give you a personalized price estimation for your project. This is free and requires no commitment.

All pricing through launchcircle is fixed. We believe that fixed price development better aligns interests between the project teams, launchcircle, and with you


Based on your product requirements, we put together a dynamic team from our network that we believe will be best suited to building your product

Our PMs are technical experts with expertise in a variety of areas and are matched based on project scope and their background

Our engineers come from places like Oracle, Rocket Internet, Google, and more and are handpicked by us for each project


We ensure quality work by only working with high quality talent, making sure that we're aligned on project goals, and by listening to your feedback as much as possible

The expertise of our engineers guided by our PMs means that our teams can quickly assess and engage in the best approach to developing your product


Yes, this is often actually very helpful for us to understand your product vision

Yes, we have extremely talented designers and follow the human centered design approach pioneered by IDEO to create great products


Just click the 'Get a Free Estimate' button, fill in some short details about your project, and one of our team members will be in touch within 24 hours

The more information you have, the more optimal the team we assemble will be, but we've worked on projects that are nothing more than an idea or back of the napkin sketch

After you work with your PM to define requirements, we'll schedule a kickoff call and ask you to pay your deposit. By the time your kickoff call is scheduled, your team will be ready to go

Our project managers are able to advise you on any unforseen questions and present your feedback in a way that is most easily recieived by our engineers. Our experiences have shown that this system faciliates the greatest success all around!

Waiting for approval before beginning on the next steps allows us to remain on the same page and address a change in specifications before creation. While we will try our best to accomodate your vision as much as possible, large changes to the project may be reflected in a change in quote. We believe in being fair not just to our client, but also our engineers.

We help you bring your idea to life, whether that means defining features or simply building features. As long as you have a product concept, we can offer our expertise to help shape the rest.

After your project kicks off, you will receive regular progress updates through your project manager. We do not begin the next step until we have your feedback and approval.

Your PM is the interface between you and the team. We use in house PMs who have years of product experience and know how to translate your requirements into the launchcircle process


We've seen thousands of projects and have used our knowledge combined with proprietary algorithms and machine learning tools to create a system that allows us to come up with estimates for most applications very quickly and with a high degree of accuracy

Yes, if it's in the contract, then that's the price you'll pay for your project


We've seen thousands of projects and have used our knowledge combined with proprietary algorithms and machine learning tools to create a system that allows us to come up with estimates for most applications very quickly and with a high degree of accuracy


We accept Paypal, Wire Transfers, BTC/Ethereum, checks, and diamonds

Yes, please use any of the above payment methods that are available in your country and most convenient for you


Depending on whether you want launchcircle to continue maintaining your product or handing it off to your team, we have various packages for support ranging from maintenance and hosting to ongoing product development

When the project is completed according to the project plan, your team will be transferred all source code. We will answer questions until your team feels comfortable with the product.


Our confidentiality agreement gives you full legal rights to your own ideas so that you feel comfortable elaborating as much as necessary to best bring your idea to life

Yes, we have a standard NDA available upon request

Yes, all tech launchcircle builds is the property of the client unless another agreement has been formally arranged with you

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