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How launchcircle works

Our vision is to make it incredibly easy to get freelance talent to help you build your project in a safe and affordable manner. We do this through our internal launch process that guides everything from who we let freelance with us to how we interact with clients


Your Idea

Your idea is safe with us - our customer’s trust is paramount and we have NDAs available upon request.


Initial Consultation

Tell us a bit about your project and goals over email or have a call with us to discuss your project and our process more in depth.

Second Discussion

Based on our initial conversation we’ll talk about whether launchcircle is the right fit, product strategy, development process, etc.


We begin sourcing the best team based on your project needs, time zone, personality, and dozens of other available factors.


Launch Support

launchcircle does more than help you build your product, we’re here for the long haul, helping with everything from post development strategies to app optimization to growth consulting

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