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Our teams are formed with your needs in mind to create elegant, usable software


Launchers are from the best institutions

Our team members have attended top universities, worked at top firms like Rocket Internet and Google, and have built products that scaled to tens of millions of users

How we find the top 1%

We're fanatical about finding the best talent. Our rigorous screening process ensures your project is always in good hands

All applicants (100%)

We receive dozens of applications a week from around the world and referrals from our launch teams

Phone Screen (1%)

During this screen, we are looking at ability, culture fit, and verify the candidates background before they are let into the network

Background Review (15%)

We look for historic factors likely to indicate future success - school, prior projects, language skills, work history, etc.

New launcher (0.5%)

Candidates who are allowed into the network are put into a 3-6 month trial period while they are trained on launchcircle methodology and continually assessed

Language Screen (10%)

Focusing on Europe, language ability is an important factor in job success. Only 10% of our applicants make it past this point

Senior launcher (0.2%)

launchcircle depends on continual feedback loops from clients, other community members, 3rd party code reviewers, and more to make sure the launchcircle community remains the special forces of software development

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